Can binary options be on the DAX?

Written by Ona Berg in binary bank on Wed 22 February 2017.

The German stock index (DAX) - as a product of Deutsche Börse AG is the most important stock index in Germany. It reflects the development in lowest price would the order book turnover and free float capitalization of the 30 largest German companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Prime Standard.

Compared to the Dow Jones Index, which is more than 100 years old, the DAX has only existed since 1988. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important indices worldwide, which is why binary options can be traded on the DAX with almost hop over to these guys and all brokers. On the other hand, other indices from the DAX family such as TecDAX, HDAX or DivDAX are only offered relatively rarely. It is particularly advantageous to use binary options on the DAX as many German traders are already well informed about the current developments of the DAX.

For many traders the trading of binary options on the DAX offers a good start, because the DAX is quoted daily in all messages. On no other value by at bing are so many warrants, binary options, CFDs or knock-outs created. In the past, the construction of this trading instrument has developed in its own way, which increases the comfort for the trader.

An index point and useful source equals one cent price difference in the derivative, such as the knock-outs on the DAX, which makes it easy to calculate the trade and no other underlying is available. This in turn means that the global derivatives industry generates a large portion of its sales on the DAX. .

If you want to trade with binary options on the DAX, you should always keep an eye on the course and not rely solely on chart technology. Due to the fact that the DAX is presented as a price / performance index and, above all, in an international comparison, leads various companies, it can be characterized by high volatilities at important link the all times. It is therefore recommended to choose short expiry times for trading with binary options on the DAX. In particular, the DAX is well-traded in the second quarter, according to experts.

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In addition, the DAX often creates certain price patterns in the weeks and quarters. However, these can not be explained with conventional chart techniques, which is why traders should expand their trading horizons accordingly. It is you can check here just important that traders find their personal, unconventional trade style here to be successful in the long term.

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